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Speaker support, slide, videos and presentation projection;

Editing filmed material, adding title slides, captions, and credits;

Recording events as audio, stills or sound & picture;

Sourcing electronic equipment.



Research & collation of on-line resources;

Affiliate marketing programmes on behalf of seller or buyer;

Management of Favourites / Bookmarks;

Information sourcing and retrieval, keyword look up and analytics;

Submission of papers, articles and excerpts as e-zine articles;

Earlier versions tracking; archive searches.



Design & Print of posters, flyers & tri-fold leaflets, hand-out sheets;

Creation of ad hoc information and promotional material;

Title slides, captions, credits & sleeve art;

Outings and excursions recorded as slide shows, galleries and videos;

Art prints, card mounted, framed or electronic portraits and group pictures;

Pproduct design, T-shirts, hats, tankards, mouse-mats and posters.



Web page design, upload and hosting;

Domain Name registration;

Personalised e-mail addresses: our-names @

Password protected Back Office area for Application Forms, House Rules, Agendas & Minutes, In-House Address Books & etc.



Selection and management of sites;

Press Releases and Bulletins;

Interactive Community building;

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Wikipedia management;

Creation of web-banners, house style, slogans & summaries.



Preparation and sending of newsletters;

Archive for articles, podcasts, videos, ebooks, pictures;

Internet Conferences, webinars & video presentations;

Mailing List management to track subscribers and members;

Feedback data processing of who reads what, which links are followed up.



Back Up of documents, system restore, clean up and mirroring;

New pc file transfer to keep content the same as before;

Software sourcing, installation, training and storage with serial numbers;

File management, e-book & audio files organised and catalogued

On-line calendar, booking systems, data streaming and large file transfer services


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